Water Chillers

Water Chillers Manufacturer Bangalore

The range of Water Chillers we manufacture and supply are mainly used to remove from the liquid either via vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. These Water Chillers are also used in air conditioners to distribute chilled water to heat exchangers or coils.Our range is widely used in industries like chemical processing, food and beverage processing, metal working cutting coils and many more. These Water Chillers are available in various specifications to meet the requirement of customers. All Water Chillers come with complete, packaged, closed-loop systems, including the chiller unit, condenser, and pump station with recirculating pump, expansion valve, no-flow shutdown, internal cold water control. Our products are widely appreciated all across for their excellent features like quality, efficient working, low maintenance and durability.

We also offer our customers Water Chillers with PLC and microprocessor based control. We follow latest engineering techniques in the manufacturing process to match the modern trend in equipment. All Chillers are manufactured in accordance with ARI conditions.The range of Water Chillers we offer are suitable for applications ranging from 5°C to 25°C. These products come unified with an insulated SS 304 / 316 water reservoir, electrical control panel and re-circulating pump.

Below are some of the industries where our products find enormous usage:

  • Marking machine
  • Spark erosion EDM
  • Laser cutting
  • High frequency welding machine
  • Machine tool
  • Wire cut
  • X-ray diffraction spectrometer
  • Medical equipment
  • Hydraulic press
  • Induction hardening machine
  • Furnaces
  • Power generators
  • Injection moulding machine, Plasma spray / Coating machine
  • Condenser cooling for low temperature test
  • Chambers
  • Pressure die casting
  • Air conditioning
  • Pharmaceutical industry, Electroplating plants, Anodizing plants, Bakery Food and beverage industry
  • After coolers for compressed air drier, Chemical process plants, Dies and pigment manufacturing units